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Saturday, January 12, 2013
Hello everyone, I am excited to share with you a great tool for organizing your recipes, and make them printable and be able to share them. RECIpage is a wonderful site to add your recipes. There is NO need to type out your recipes twice! You can simply enter your recipe into Recipage, and then embed the HTML code into your post.  Not only is this a huge time-saver, the code is formatted to be compliant with Google's h-recipe search, making your recipes more likely to pop up. You sign up and you can start adding your recipes immediately. The best part it's free. The best is RecipagePRO. It's also FREE. RecipagePRO actually loads and displays the recipes directly on your site. This means that every click, search, and browse by a user, results in new pageviews for you! While you receive all of the pageviews and hits, the actual loading and data storage takes place on Recipage servers, so you don't worry about your site crashing.  The RecipagePRO works on any self-hosted WordPress Blog, as well as Blogger and Typepad sites. Visit the entire Recipage site, where you can search through every food blogger and their recipes that are using Recipage Go to their site Recipage     and click Blogger Sign-up CLICK PHOTOS FOR A LARGER VIEW.
Choose RecipagePRO because it offers more and it is FREE! Start with your profile
Here's short video on how it works. After signing up, click My Account, you will see a drop down menu open. Click Get code. When you signed up, you filled out your blog address and name.  Copy the whole code and put it on your blog as a new page, called My Recipage...nothing else!  I replaced my recipe link on my navigation with the page called My Recipage. All of my recipes have been added to Recipage Click My Recipage to see how it looks.
 Once you are signed up, you can start adding your recipes. Here's the form:
 Once you have all of the recipe added and photos, click publish. Then go to My Recipes to view them. Click the drop down window to see them.
These are my recipes I added.
You can always select each recipe and edit it, feature it or delete it.
If you want some of your recipes featured, click the small circle and then click feature. It will be on of the highlighted recipes shown in an automatic slideshow.  You can always log in Recipage and add more recipes.  They will automatically be added to your page. If you want to customize your Recipage,  log in and click My Settings, then click customizations.
I hope this helps many bloggers who want to be able to organize and print their recipes.  Your users will love this feature, because it prints the recipe and picture only.  Add more recipes at your leisure and enjoy! Go ahead and click My Recipage to see what it looks like.  Happy New year!  Hugs, Linda I am linking up with the following blogs: Katherine's Favorite Things @ Katherine's Corner  Tutorials Tips and Tidbits @ Stone Gable Blog

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