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Friday, June 12, 2015
I know some of us bloggers like to share recipes on our blogs.  There are not a lot of options for creating a recipe in a tidy little box with a picture and make it printable.  I have used Recipage and Printfriendly. Key Ingredient lets you add your recipes to their site and then you can also embed them on your blog posts, plus they are shareable with social media.  It is free to sign up and use.  You can sign up with Facebook or create an account here.
 They also offer a Cookmark for your browser, so when you see a recipe you like, you can just click the Cookmark and save it.
After you sign up, to add a recipe, click Add Recipe.  There is a drop down menu and select  Type it in.

You will see the screen below:  You type the recipe title, description, ingredients and directions. On the right, you click select file to add a photo. After the photo is uploaded, click the box saying if you are the owner of the image.  Add your Source URL, Yields, Prep time, Keywords, language.  Next is your Recipe privacy.  Default is public. Finally back on your left, click save.  You can also check the boxes for share this or pin this.


After you have saved the recipe, a screen will pop up with your  recipe in a tidy box. To embed it on your blog post, click the purple  

You will see a window like this below: Uncheck the box where it says Hide the details.
You want to see the whole recipe. In the white box on the left, copy the complete code
and paste it in your  post on the HTML side, not COMPOSE.

There you have it!  A nice and professional looking recipe, ready to print, share, embed.
I am not receiving any compensation for this product.  I just happen to love how it adds your recipe in a nice looking box.  Here's my finished recipe:

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