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Thursday, November 19, 2015

FENG SHUI TIPS FOR  A BETTER HOUSE  - If you lack peacefulness and calmness at your home, you might find this article very handy.  We can all use some calmess in our lives now, because the holidays will soon be upon us. The ancient tradition and philosophy of Feng Shui, which is widely known among many Chinese, might help you out! In fact, some things around us attract bad energy, and there are some that makes the energy of your house a lot better too. So, without any further ado – let me help you answer the question, how Feng Shui can help your home?

Do have indoor plants - One of the first things Feng shui philosophy specialists agree on is that having indoor plants works very well with the overall environment and energy of the room. In fact, the good Feng shui is all about bringing nature into your home. So various plants and even indoor trees are super helpful. It also makes all the energy stuck in the corners travel through the room more freely. Overall, a little bit of live plants in the room will look fantastic and will create a very cozy atmosphere.

Know  the ground rules about bedroom -  There are some basic rules about what shouldn't be in the bedroom, and what you should bring. Firstly, take a better look where a mirror hangs in your bedroom and decide whether you need it there. Mirrors in a bedroom produce too much yang energy and will keep you awake all night. But if you have a closet with mirrors, try covering it for the night, at least. It might radically affect your sleeping quality.  I love this room, completely different than ours.  Wouldn't it be nice if we all had several houses to decorate?

Have one place in the house that can honor your family -  It either can be a wall full of family pictures, or just one framed photo in the living room or dining room. It will show honor to your family members, and it also will create an unseeing support from your ancestors too. That is what Chinese are famous for, and it will never hurt to see beloved faces around the house.

Do search for solid items -  Another tip for a balanced interior is to search for furniture that is solid. For example, a table made solidly from wood. Also, remember that glass desks or coffee tables are not  recommended in your household. They should be as supportive as possible, not riddled with the possibility of shattering. So look for hard and strong furniture pieces that are not so easy to damage and you will see how much energy has changed.

Create a welcoming entrance without clutter - Keep in mind that your home address has to be visible so, according to Feng shui, it will be visible for opportunities and guests to find you. Thus, just keep the entry fresh and clean so “qi” can spot you!  For instance, when you visit a fancy hotel  or a  lovely home with a lovely curved driveway, beautiful flowers, a water feature,  you are immediately impressed and feel welcome.

 Our walkway is a curved meandering path to our front door with a waterfall feature that actually flows under the walkway. Our Lacy and Sasha are in the above picture.  They have since gone to Rainbow Bridge.

 So, these are just the tip of the iceberg of all the Feng shui tips for your interior. Keep in mind that all of this is just advisory and can help you a little bit while decorating your home.

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